Thank You, Donors!

The staff of The Bulldog is immensely grateful for the donations we received for our GoFundMe meant to fund website costs and provide the staff with payment. We started the GoFundMe on Feb. 13, 2015 with a goal of $4,300 and reached said goal on Apr. 2, 2015, with the final total coming to $4,340. In the wake of the abrupt and dramatic shutdown of The Bulldog Weekly, this newspaper could not have been made possible without these generous donations. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

The following is a list of the donors who gave to our cause:


Gary Amdahl

Nephelie Andonyadis

Mike Bloxham

Ben Boychuk

Piers Britton

Leslie Brody

David Brown

Les Canterbury

Annie Carothers

Anne Cavender

Elliot Cavnaugh

Dolores Dickson

Shiloh Drake

Trina Dye

AB Farrelly

Debbie Gardy-Kahn

Patricia Geary

Dana Grisolano

Kelly Hankin

Gary Hawkins

E. Hind

Bruce Kassler

Erin Lazak

Brett Lewis

Bob Levy

Frank LoMonte

Hongwei Lu

Penny McElroy

Martha Cole McGrew

Naomi Moco

Elizabeth Petersen

Mark Plenke

Ben Purper

Cammy Purper

Bill Rocque


Catherine Dorn Schreiber

Cathy Shikler van Ingen

Alisa Slaughter

Don Stillman*

Judy Tschann

Chi Chi Valenti

Patricia Wasielewski

Corinne Watson

Mae Wright

Morgan York

Wendy York


*Donated at least $500

We would also like to acknowledge the 9 donors who contributed anonymously.