Review: All My Sons

By Sam Acuna, Staff Writer 

This year the University of Redlands Theatre Arts Department’s fall production was a classic play by Arthur Miller entitled All My Sons. This play is considered one of his most famous works. Miller was and still is one of the most successful playwrights in American History. He is known not just in the United States but around the world for his plays like The Crucible and Death of a Salesman. All My Sons is among one of these works and is considered by many to be Arthur Miller’s first real hit.

The play premiered in 1947 and received praise from audiences. It won a Tony that same year for best writer and another Tony in 1987 for best revival. The plot itself presents a tragic tale that involves a relationship between a father and son, and the corruption greed and selfishness can bring into a family. The tale ends tragically with a horrific death and a whole lot of regret.

The theatre arts department did a wonderful job with this production. The set design was envisioned by Megan Carava and it was brilliant and beautiful to look at throughout the entire performance. It provided majestic scenery against the backdrop of the tragic tale. The set design presented the audience with a gorgeous house and yard.

“It is a pretty house,” said Class of 2019 Mathematics major and Spanish Minor Etelvina Avila, “but inside the house it is not so pretty.” Avila was referring to the actual plot of the play. While the scenery may present us with an image of beauty the story presents us with an image of pure tragedy. The play itself is a story with many twists and turns. It involves love, triumph, betrayal, and death. This leads to many people in the audience who had not seen or read the play before to feel as though they had been taken on an emotional roller coaster.

The actors in the play did an excellent job. Their emotions seemed real and never strained or forced. One of the most delightful surprises in this play was that it included local elementary and middle school children from the Redlands area. Since the play takes place in a yard the children wandered in and out a few times and it was adorable to watch them. They too did a wonderful job with their performance. The cast all seemed very happy at how the play turned out.

Senior Evan Sanford, a Media and Visual Culture Studies Major had this to say about acting in the play, “Working in All my Sons was a chance to try something I did not think I’d have the opportunity to do while I was in college. However, it just goes to prove that the only thing preventing you from accomplishing something on this campus is you. It was an incredible chance to work with some extremely talented actors who undoubtedly will go on to be stars of the stage. It was an honor and a privilege.”

Overall, this production was incredible to watch. The actors were superb, the set was beautiful, and the words evoked many emotions the audience was able to walk away with. The University of Redlands Theatre Arts Department did a wonderful job and they can be sure that Arthur Miller would approve of this wonderful adaptation of one of his most famous works.